Double multiprogrammable rollover carwash

  • Modern and appealing design.
  • Wide wash area.
  • Hot-dip galvanised frame.
  • Stainless steel bolts and screws.
  • Special hot-rolled tracks with high-performance metallurgical characteristics.
  • Wheel washing unit with adjustable tilt.
  • Optimised and targeted distribution of the special wheel-rim cleaning product.
  • New MIX-FOAM brushes with optimised design.
  • Auto-adaptive tilt vertical brushes.
  • Pressure and brush safety control device for towbars and bullbars.
  • High-pressure lateral device with vertically-moving nozzle.
  • Horizontal high-pressure “contour” device, with angular rotation and moving double nozzle.
  • High-pressure pump.
  • Horizontal stainless steel drying unit with three-position deflector.
  • Optimised vertical drying to direct the airflow with greater precision.
  • High brightness FULL LED light fittings.
  • Dynamic traffic light with innovative PROGRESS BAR.
  • Patented safety lighting system on the vehicle ramp.




A complex structure with high rigidity comprising, in the basic configuration, five modular elements fitted together with stainless steel bolts. A sophisticated design of the structure made up of welded components makes it it possible to limit the torsional and welding stresses.

Even though hot-dip galvanising alone is able to offer satisfactory corrosion protection for several years, in order to further increase the durability of the protection, MIX applies paintwork using the Duplex system to its metalwork. For this reason, MIX can guarantee the structure against perforation.



The basic module is specifically designed to bear the static and dynamic loads necessary for the stability of the installation. The high torsional rigidity of the module allows for a long life of the wheels of the rollover unit and low wear of the tracks.

The rollover movement is activated by a pair of compact hollow shaft reduction gears, which are directly bolted to the wheels.

The movement is controlled by an inverter for a progressive start and braking. The wheels are made of high-strength steel, and are of large diameter, to allow high travel speeds and long life of the same. Both the rollover movement systems are very easy to adapt to different track gauges.




The horizontal brush is supported by five flat made-to-measure polyurethane belts to meet the most demanding requirements, such as resistance to moisture, grease, oils, UV rays and ozone. A simplified system without clamps or perforating screws allows a quick replacement of the flat belt, reducing service times to a minimum. The up/down movement is controlled by an inverter for a progressive start-up and braking. The pressure of the brush on the bodywork is regulated by a sophisticated and extremely precise random control device, which oversees all the control functions of the latter up to eight levels of operation. The brush rotation motor is constructed so as to be protected against powerful jets of water and aggressive chemicals. The plant can be fitted with two types of brushes: MIX-FOAM™ brushes, which are very light but have a lifespan of between two and three times greater than the average; Flat Lights brushes which have a width 5 times greater and are the lightest of all.


MIX has designed a prismatic guide coupling system specifically intended to increase significantly the response to vibration stress during the washing phases. The rolling sliders applied to the trolleys guarantee excellent load capacity, great stiffness, high speed, limited wear, minimal lubrication and excellent smoothness. All the rolling parts are made with techno-polymer bearings, which can work dry, maintaining their mechanical properties, low friction coefficients and long life over time.



Elegance and extreme care concerning air flows create the perfect combination that gives the horizontal drying excellent performance for optimal results. Made entirely of stainless steel, it incorporates a double safety ring system, which guarantees the unit rises overcomplex obstacles such as, for example, the spare wheels fixed on the back of off-road vehicles.

In the air outlet a special three-position deflector steers the flow on to the vertical parts of the bodywork of cars in order to dry better.



The height of the wheel-washing unit is adjustable. The unit can be integrated with a high-pressure washing device composed of three nozzles inserted inside the brush. During the entire travel of the rollover, the device can be activated to wash the lower part of the vehicle.


Chemical wheel-rim washing product

During the washing process, each wheel receives the application of a specific chemical product. Because of the highly corrosive nature of the product, the nozzles are activated only at the wheels.


Chemical product with “contour” programme

The chemical product with contour programme, installed in the deflector of the drying unit, is able to follow the profile of the car by changing the spray direction at two different angles to distribute the product better at the front and rear parts of the vehicles.


Chemical product and services control unit

The central unit, which is very compact and versatile, contains all the functional components, such as the dosing pumps, the solenoid valves and the chemical products to be used.The tanks of the chemical products have a capacity of about 20 l and are equipped with a level indicator.


Control panel – Operator panel

Our operator control panel is able to operate in an extended temperature range, outdoors and in the presence of direct sunlight, allowing the operator an easy reading and operation. It is also extremely simply to create different washing programmes and to transferthe operating parameters to the plant’s PLCquickly.

Technical data

Maximum washing height (mod. 230/260/280) 2.300 – 2.600 mm
Maximum washing width 2.200 mm
Maximum width between the columns 2.450 mm
Maximum carwash height (mod. 230/260/280) 3.015 – 3.315 mm
Maximum carwash width 3.560 mm
Maximum carwash width with splash guards 3.800 m
Maximum carwash lenght with rear abs 3.100 mm
Rails lenght 10.5 – 13.5 m
Distance between the rails 2850 – 3000 mm
Carwash water supply pressure 3 bar
Carwash air supply pressure 8 bar




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