Insulated stainless steel monobloc

  • 3.200x810x2.350h mm
  • High pressure pump group
  • Electromechanic mixing system
  • Electrical board and PLC control for each bay
  • N° 2 control panels with touch screen (alternatively: control panel with soft-touch buttons) and electronical token counter
  • Self-diagnosis system
  • Dosing pumps for chemical products (shampoo and wax)
  • Filtering system for inlet water
  • Water softening system with resins complete with salt tank
  • Osmosis system
  • Thermic group (electric/diesel/gas)
  • Water system complete with thermostatic mixer valve
  • Antifreezing kit: insulation and inner heating
  • Inner lighting system
  • 2 built-in lance-holders
  • Stainless steel AISI 304 panels



At the core of J-TECH extremely reliable and efficient technological elements operate to secure perfect, halo-free washes.
J-TECH body is completely new, slim and eye-catching thanks to its soft yet sharp lines that decrease the quantity of plastic material used as well as the assembly costs so to make J-TECH highly competitive and able to reduce drastically break-even time.

Technical data

J-Tech 2 100 60 9 1000
J-Tech 2 LP (electric supply) 50/100 40 11 920
J-Tech 3 100 60 11 1100
J-Tech 3 LP (electric supply) 50/100 40 16 1020
J-Tech 4 100 60 13 1200
J-Tech 4 LP (electric supply) 50/100 40 18 1120




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