IKON PRO: the revolution of carwashing

  • Hot Dipped Galvanized Frame, polyurethane powder paint. Color: TITANIUM
  • Stainless steel bolts and screws
  • H.P. Horizontal Prewash with rotating nozzles
  • Two-position high pressure side pre-wash
  • Fairing cover high pressure piping
  • Losening belts security control device for horizontal elements
  • Direct Motor Gantry Drive with Variable Speed (1 inverter)
  • Sistema di sollevamento spazzola orizzontale e asciugatura con controllo angolare.
  • Sistema di traslazione spazzole verticali con controllo angolare
  • Sistema di rotazione e pressione spazzole con controllo angolare
  • Adjustable Rebrushing Front & Rear Side
  • Bulbar – Tow Hook Safety device and pressure control
  • Brush Tilting
    Reverse brushes rotation
  • Inversione rotazione delle spazzole
  • Stainless Steel Top Contouring Dryer. (2 x 3 kW )
  • Horizontal dryer deflector
  • Two Side Dryers (2 x 4 kW)
  • Chemical Pump for Detergent.
  • Chemical Pump for Wax.
  • Chemical Pump fo Super Foam Bath
  • There can be a combination of up to 6 chemicals.Products tanks are included.
  • Standard Power Supply: 380 / 415 V – 50 Hz
  • Carbon LED look with traffic lights
  • Display Carbon Led messaggi scorrevoli ( testi personalizzabili autonomamente)
  • Illuminazione frontale con tecnologia a LED Dinamico
  • Invio messaggi di allarmi e statistiche con protocollo SMTP (richiesto collegamento rete)
  • Gestione e controllo remoto da tablet o smatphone (richiesto collegamento rete)
  • Segnalazione predittiva per manutenzione motoriduttori (richiesto collegamento rete)
  • Exit top covering (INOX)


The washing and drying are the foundation of every meticulous cleaning action of a vehicle, but these two operations are only two moments of an entire process. Often, washing and drying are mistakenly considered two fast and light phases, for this reason ikon pro has appropriate techniques and appropriate management of chemicals in order to determine:

The intensity of washing
Index to be managed in association with the detergent used and the amount of dirt to be removed. In fact, the quantity of chemicals is optimized and controlled in every step of washing with the result to instantly have all the necessary data of consumption and use for each program.

The brushes rotation speed
This item is influenced by the speed of the rollover determined by the type of program to be given to the Customers.

The duration of the washing time
Programs can be managed according to the season and temperatures.

Electricity optimization
Use of special algorithms to optimize the electric powers of the rollover electric motors.

Predictive maintenance of gearmotors
A software completely rethought in according to the new needs in terms of maintenance and management of the washing system, which aims to perform a maintenance intervention of “revision”, “replacement” or “fixing”, before a fault in the component occur.

Remote display and control
Data Management, Reporting and Analysis, Maintenance; all this with transparence and easy to understand procedures. From data recording to washing system operations, it is possible via computer, tablet or smartphone.

10″ “Real Time” operator panel
Interface with ergonomics and advanced design, capable of displaying operating states, through animated graphics software.
The new ikon pro rollove is equipped with 9 inverters with functionality control. It is equipped with the following devices as standard:

  • Top brush lifting and drying system with field-oriented control.
  • Side brushes travelling system with field-oriented control.
  • Brushes rotation system and brushes pressure system with field-oriented control.
  • Display Carbon LED scrolling messages (customizable texts self mode)
  • Front lighting with dynamic Led technology
  • Sending of alarm messages and statistics with SMTP protocol (network connection required)
  • Remote management and control by tablet or smartphone (network connection required)
  • Predictive signaling for gearmotor maintenance (network connection required)

Technical data

Maximum wash height (mod. 2.3/2.6/2.8) 2.300 – 2.600 – 2.800 mm
Maximum wash width 2.300 mm
Maximum width between columns 2.450 mm
Maximum height (mod. 2.3/2.6/2.8) 3.015 – 3.315 – 3.515  mm
Maximum width 3.560 mm
Maximum width con paraspruzzi 3.800 m
Rails length 9 – 12 m
Distance between rails 2850 – 3000 mm




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