Water treatment

Quality and security at professionals’ service
Mix is designing and manufacturing a complete line of water and wastewater treatment equipment to be connected in line, in order to obtain a pureness degree in compliance with the most strict legal limiting values and regulations as far as this matter is concerned.
The Mix equipment is manufactured 100% by our specialized staff with state-of-the-art machines inside the Occimiano plant (Italy).
Furthermore, Mix guarantees efficient studying, designing and technical assistance as far as the choice, installation and use are concerned.


Chemical-physical treatment
Using cleaning agents (detergents) for washing bodyworks (cars), engines, chassis or for degreasing means producting wastewater containing oils, waxes and detergents in emulsion. In this case, mechanical treatments such as sedimentation and degreasing are not enough as far as wastewater treatment is concerned; due to this reason, wastewater will be piped to an accumulation tank in order to be consecutively pumped into the wastewater treatment basin, which is completely made of stainless steel AISI 304. Here the wastewater will be re-mixed and, automatically, a chemical monoreactant in powder will be added, which allows to separate water from the dissolved components (first absorbed and then converted into mud). Clean water and mud are collected on a layer of automatically processing cellulose (filter) or, alternatively, in a cellulose bag filter (depending on the model of treatment unit), filtering the clean water from the mud collected in a special storage container. Thanks to the above described process, the chemical-physical treatment unit guarantees disposal of wastewater in the main water system, respecting all standards and regulations.


Physical treatment
Physical wastewater treatment is necessary in all industrial and craftmanship activities who are producing wastewater containing biodegradable surfactants (i.e. car wash plants like tunnels etc.). Physical wastewater treatment is consisting of a combined system between filtration and absorption of the water to be treated. It can also be used in chemical and/or biological treatment units as final treatment. However, mechanical processes like sedimentation and degreasing must come before the physical treatment unit. Mix filters for physical treatment units are consisting of anthracite particles, quartz and active coal which are able to filter pollutant substances, respecting contact assets and speed of the water to treat.


Aeration unit
The introduction of compressed air in wastewater is a process frequently used with regards to water treatment recycling. The aim is to avoid creation of anaerobic bacteria and the consecutive bad smell. On special request, the Mix wastewater treatment equipment can be completed with an aeration unit, which allows to air the wastewater equipment by means of special diffusers placed within the recycling container.